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What are we? The Boghiners (the beauty) We are an idea. Caaaataaaapuuuultiiiismoooo. I should say it loud! And what is that? We are named Catapultisti. We are an apparat, diverse in function and in structure, we collaborate for a common purpose: to work (well).

And who might a Catapultista be?? I launch myself, adrenaline, I work in the experimentation of all the possible shapes of visual creativity, with complete freedom, I dare, I show, I create an artistic point of view, I share, spread and sow ideas, I feed myself and listen, I absorb, I inhale and exhale, I choose, I chisel, I work and work and work. I perfect and destroy to then rebuild it all again. I don't stop, I never stop. I'm not happy to reach just one goal, I want to constantly discover new goals, without ever stopping. That's who i am. A creator of the pillars of Hercules, explorer of meaning, I go beyond and come back, come back to tell it.

In what do we believe? (Specify who is the potential client of a Catapultista?) We believe in professionalism, in being an expert of our own domain, in the hybridization of the disciplines of communication. Competence is what our client pays for: the best way according to codes, rules, principles. Perfected with experience, earned with mistakes, experimented through study, verified through the practice of the results. We never ignore who we are, professionals! We don't please, we don't compromise, we don't forgo expectations.
In short: (fundamental) the client of a Catapultista wants a Catapultista (as someone once said: you are the client you deserve. Well, they were right).

And so, in the end what is Catapultismo? It's an exportable, usable, sustainable model of work based on the dual-purpose concept of Working (well)*. Here we are talking to you, a professional in communication like us. We are talking to you designer, programmer, social media manager, photographer, re-toucher, animator, artist (write them all!) to you who sweated to learn, who studied to become, who fought to work.
Catapultismo is creativecreativeawarenessawareness: quality at work (working hours, the pay, the method, days wfh, sick days, holidays, ecc.) job quality (professional, rules, technique, visual consistency, composition, originality, revise and polish).

Only those who know do.
Those who don't know rely on others.

Catapultismo is a communication agency - Catapultismo is a factory/apparat/ (apparat sounds better) for all the communication professionals - Catapultismo is an idea/concept of the quality of the work and the life of those who work - Catapultismo is a collective of professionals who, in Naples, (well yes in Naples) give life to an artistic-cultural movement whose purpose is to import and export a model of sustainable creativity and functional originality - Catapultismo is main point! Made of people: humanity = productivity. (it could not be put any better)

*Working well for Catapultisti means quality of the working life = quality of the product. (product and productivity are just terms, we give them new meanings)

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Article 4 Cost. The Republic recognizes the right to work for all citizens and promotes the conditions that make this right effective. Every citizen has the duty to perform, according to their own possibilities and their own decisions, an activity or a function that takes part in the material or spiritual progress of society.
Article 35 Cost. The Republic protects work in all its forms and applications. It takes care of the professional instruction and elevation of all workers. It promotes and favors the agreements and international organizations intended to affirm and adjust labor rights.
Article 36 Cost. The worker has the right to a salary proportionate to the quantity and quality of their work and in any case sufficient to insure for themselves and their family a free and decent existence. The maximum duration of a working day is determined by law. The worker has a right to a weekly rest and paid annual holidays, that he cannot renounce.
Article 37 Cost. The working woman has equal rights and an equal pay for equal work. The working conditions must allow the fulfillment of her essential family function and insure the mother and the child an adeguate protection.
Law 165/2001, art. 2 comma 3: employment relations are contractually regulated art. 40 comma 1: collective bargaining determines the rights and obligations directly relevant to the employment relationship, as well as matters relating to trade union relations.